Generous loyalty programs for regular clients have been an integral part of online casinos for years. Payers can join VIP schemes to receive unique rewards and promotions. Undeniably, such juicy perks encourage users to register on gaming platforms and deposit their funds. However, recent research has shown a direct correlation between loyalty promotions and growing gambling addiction rates. Therefore, the UKGC, the primary controlling authority in the country, had to reconsider its regulations and proceed with amendments to create a healthier environment for players.

Reasons for Changing Approach to VIP Programs & Recent Changes

Regular players bring the most revenue to online casinos, so it’s not surprising online gambling platforms provide lots of benefits to motivate users to remain on the websites. Most casino bonuses require depositing, and risk fans gladly invest seemingly insignificant sums to get additional incentives. Such behaviours can lead to compulsive gambling, which UKGC aims to decrease. Therefore, operators have to conduct additional checks before allowing users to engage in exclusive schemes:

  • Ensure a customer is not at risk of gambling addiction & hasn’t experienced problems before
  • Proceeding with an affordability check to learn whether a player is likely to gamble in debt
  • Initiate user verification to learn their occupation and source of funds among other details

Before, every player who deposited at least once got the chance to join the VIP program. Currently, users must pass additional verifications and prove their affordability to spend money in online casinos. Such identity checks should be held regularly to ensure a player doesn’t have any gambling-related problems. All operators under the UKGC licensing must comply with the new policy; otherwise, the regulator will be forced to ban VIP schemes completely.

Availability of Loyalty Programs for Modern Casino Players

In any case, gambling platforms still provide their regular members with many extra benefits. Joining a Loyalty program requires additional identity checks and providing information about the source of income in addition to standard details like name, address, and phone number. Multiple players prefer to hide this data, while some are still ready to provide everything to get exclusive bonuses. Regular casino members can take advantage of the following incentives.

Instant Withdrawals for High-Value Customers

Quick payouts are among the most attractive features for players. Modern payment providers can proceed with a withdrawal within 15 minutes. However, delays can still happen due to a large number of requests on the website. In this case, many operators prioritize payouts for players, allowing them to eliminate the queue in an online casino with one hour payouts and be the first to receive their cash prize. Such an offer is tempting for impatient players and motivates them to join the loyalty scheme if the operator approves it.

Lots of Free Spins and Deposit Boosts

Lucrative bonuses are traditionally the most attractive part of the loyalty program. Players can significantly increase their initial stake and enjoy many free credits. However, it’s important to remember that almost every exclusive promotion requires casino members to top up their gaming balance. In this case, the administration may initiate additional checks and learn the customer’s financial history.

Personal Account Manager

Players often have questions when gambling on the chosen website, and waiting for a reply from customer support service for a long may be exhausting. Therefore, a personal account manager is an incentive many players would be happy to have. A specialist is always on duty to answer all questions, provide timely assistance, and offer personalized games and bonuses according to the customer’s preferences.

Exclusive Tournaments and Events

Players can often access unique competitions only available inside the loyalty scheme. Users are inspired by the opportunity to participate in these competitions and appear on the leaderboard. Massive prize pools are often available for a relatively small deposit, which is why such events are in demand among regular casino members. Moreover, simple slots and games won’t provide users with a unique competitive spirit, while tournaments will do.

The Final Word

The latest regulatory changes initiated by the UK Gambling Commission significantly influence both casinos and their players. While before, every user could join the Loyalty programme after one deposit, the system has become more complicated now. Gaming operators have to initiate additional checks and ensure their members can afford to gamble and are not prone to potential problems. 

Such amendments aim to decrease the number of addicts and develop a healthier approach to online gambling. It’s worth noting that the UKGC banned VIP programs and added more requirements for users entering the scheme. Lucrative bonuses, faster withdrawals, and exclusive tournaments are still accessible to risk lovers, but they should confirm their financial stability and mental health first.