Before you make the decision to register for the GamStop self-exclusion program, you would be well-advised to think it through. Why? The GamStop program is unforgiving even if it is a voluntary program. Once you commit to entering the GamStop database, there is no turning back. GamStop has ZERO tolerance for registered gamblers who change their minds.

If you really feel you have or are headed towards gambling addiction, employing GamStop to help protect yourself from further online gambling issues is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your online gambling activities for the duration of your self-determined self-exclusion period.

If you are not sure about where you stand with your gambling, why not wait until you are sure? Remember, the prescribed GamStop self-exclusion periods are 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Do you really want to lock yourself out on online gambling with a licensed UK online gambling operator for 5 years if you are not sure?

What if You Registered With GamStop but Subsequently Changed Your Mind?

There is nothing wrong with registering with GamStop and then changing your mind. Unfortunately, you would have to accept the fact you won’t be allowed to use any licensed UK online gambling sites that are GamStop members. What then?

There is no need to worry. If you really want to start gambling again, you will be glad to learn you do have ways to help you bypass GamStop. It’s important to note that some non-GamStop alternatives are better than others. It will be your responsibility to decide which of the available alternatives will best suit your needs and meet your circumstances.

The Best Non-GamStop Alternatives

The one thing you will see with non-GamStop alternatives, to be discussed below, is some options require the acceptance of a little more risk. Without the protection of the UK Gambling Commission, UK gamblers are a little more vulnerable to predatory online gambling practices. With that said, sacrifices have to be made if a UK gambler like you wants to use a UK online gambling site that is not licensed and regulated.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the best ways to get around GamStop.

1. Select online gambling operators with weak account verification protocols

Licensed or not, some online gambling operators simply fargo account verification protocols in order to simplify their registration processes. If an online gambling operator doesn’t verify your GamStop status, they’ll let you gamble.

2. Use UK online gambling sites that are not on GamStop

While the UKGC mandates that operators are licensed and GamStop subscribed, it does not ensure 100% compliance. In fact, there are quite a few UK online gambling operators that have skipped these mandates for a variety of reasons. What does that mean to you as a UK GAmStop blocked gambler?

If a UK online gambling operator is not GamStop subscribed and or licensed, they aren’t going to have access to the GamStop database. If there is no access to the GamStop database, there is no way a non-GamStop operator will know your GamStop status.

By the way, most of the non-GamStop operators listed on watchdog sites like are reputable and safe.

3. Bitcoin affords gamblers a high level of anonymity

When customers use Bitcoin as a means of exchange, their transaction is recorded on a blockchain with no regard for the identity of the sender or receiver. The transaction is recorded and identified by a transaction code. This process offers a very high level of anonymity.

For online gamblers, this kind of anonymity is gold. They can transact with online casinos without disclosing personal information. This option is available with Bitcoin-only gambling sites and standard sites that are willing to honour crypto anonymity.

4. Wait out GamStop self-exclusion while retail gambling

Maybe, you can save yourself a few headaches by simply abiding by the terms of your own self-exclusion. If you sometimes get the desire to play casino games or bet on sports, you can take a little trip to a local retail casino or betting shop.

5. Visit and use offshore gambling sites licensed in other countries

If you can get past the UK’s bias that the only good online gambling sites are licensed in the UK, you’ll see that there are lots of quality operators in other jurisdictions.

You’ll be happy to learn that many operators licensed in other jurisdictions are more than happy to accept online gamblers for the UK. As a word of caution, you might have to subscribe to and use a VPN to access gambling sites that are operating out of some countries.

6. Open a gambling account with a partner, using the partner’s identity

If you have mutual trust with a close friend or relative, they might be willing to help you open a new gambling account. You would have to use your “partner’s” personal information to open the account, but there would be nothing that would prevent you from using the account for your own online gambling activities.