Did you know that heavy metal music causes anxiety in dogs? We’re just beginning to discover that different music genres affect dogs differently. Although we aren’t sure if dogs (and animals in general) can enjoy music the same way we do. Humans usually need to dance or move their bodies when they hear music. On the other hand, music may just have a calming or triggering effect on animals. A study by Betway online casino examined the responses of dogs to different music genres. It was discovered that heavy metal music caused the highest amount of anxiety in the dogs, as well as low sleep quality and a very short rest time. 

1. Sleep quality

The Betway study indicates that heavy metal music reduced the quality of sleep the dogs got at night. After listening to heavy metal music the previous night, the dogs only had a sleep quality of 76%, which is quite low compared to other genres. This isn’t too hard to believe, as heavy metal music is far from calming. The haphazard beat and sound are a nightmare to many people who talk less of dogs (who may or may not necessarily care for music). 

Another study explores the effects of musical pitch and tempo on the behaviour of dogs. It showed that low-pitched sounds made the dogs more alert and hyperactive. This may be one of the reasons dogs react negatively to heavy metal music. 

2. Anxiety levels

The study also indicated that the music genre increased the anxiety levels of these dogs. The dogs’ anxiety levels rose to a score of 166 out of a maximum score of 290. This is quite high compared to the dogs’ responses to other music genres. 

A study by Lori Kogan – a licensed psychologist from the college of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences, showed that dogs responded quite well to classical music but heavy metal increased anxiety levels and induced shaking. Classical music isn’t the only type of music the dogs responded positively to. According to the first study, dogs also responded positively to folk music, jazz, and pop music also. In fact, it indicated that classical music still triggers anxiety in dogs, but not as much as heavy metal music did. So, if you notice your dog is a bit giddy try playing some smooth jazz or folk music . Furthermore, avoid heavy metal at all costs. 

3. Rest time

Getting a good night’s rest can be a challenge for most dogs. Since dogs are instinctually alert animals, sleeping for long periods at a stretch could be challenging. This applies mostly to dogs that suffer anxiety; falling asleep is even harder. 

It’s good news for dog owners that music can calm dogs and help them rest better at night. However, music genres like heavy metal have been proven to reduce rest time in dogs. The Betway study indicated that dogs slept for only an average of 25 minutes after listening to heavy metal music. Sleeping for only 25 minutes is pretty bad; it’s definitely not a healthy amount of rest for your dog. So, if you’d like your dog to get some more sleep, perhaps try keeping them away from heavy metal music.