Everyone knows the economic strength of a casino. Casinos live not only from the games revenue, but also from their services and their gastronomy. Every service that a casino offers is accompanied by a resource that enhances it. For example, a small cafe attached to a casino may originally belong to the food sector, but now that it’s located under a casino, it also becomes part of the casino. This leads to a high cash flow and as a result there are certain casino jobs that pay employees enough to change their lives forever. Here are some of the highest paying jobs to choose from at a casino, more info on justuk.club.

Casino #1 Highest Paying Jobs: Operations Manager/ Casino Supervisor

The operations manager is responsible for ensuring that all services run smoothly. He is the one who oversees the events and tournaments hosted by the casino. He is also the one who oversees all departments of a casino. He is also tasked with developing business strategies to maximize the casino’s growth.

The operations manager also works closely with department heads and arranges the appointment calendar in coordination with the manager. He also oversees the standard of customer service, technology and addresses any issues. Despite the wide range of tasks, the casino supervisor earns less than, for example, the gaming table manager. His salary is around 70,000 euros gross per year – depending on performance and overtime, another 25% can be added here.

Casino Best Paying Jobs #2: Casino Manager

The Big Boss – the casino manager also has an overview, but above all the finances in view. He oversees all expenses and is at the top of the casino ladder. He keeps an eye on ensuring that staffing is appropriate and that employee costs are in line with the turnover and quality of the casino.

At the same time he must be organized and communicative. Strategic projects and processes need to be monitored, and ideally while keeping an eye on local gambling laws. Anyone who meets all these requirements and is allowed to call themselves a casino manager will therefore also receive a lavish salary – this usually ranges between 90,000 and 100,000 euros gross.

Casino Best Paying Jobs #3: Financial Analyst

The casino is all about finances. Therefore, an expert is needed who analyzes current financial scenarios and constantly keeps an overview and creates plans for improvement. The person responsible for this has the job of a financial analyst. This person must have a financial background and experience in dealing with funds and can therefore earn up to 80,000 – 90,000 euros gross per year.

Highest Paying Casino Jobs #4: Gaming Table Manager

The duties of the table manager are similar to those of the supervisor. Because he/ she also has to keep an eye on the economic situation – more precisely, the profitability of the tables. It can always happen that tables do not reach their planned destination. It is then up to the table manager to explore why this is so and to change those factors.

It can also happen that, for example, a game or a table is no longer offered or – if there is enough potential – more are added! A gaming table manager earns around €75,000 a year for this.

Highest Paying Casino Jobs #5: Strategic Planner

In every big casino there is one important person who pulls the strings behind the scenes: the strategic planner. This is appointed by the higher gaming authorities to ensure that the casino does not suffer any losses. He is tasked with planning the casino’s strategy to keep the casino going in the long run and make it profitable. Since this job is contracted out by the gambling organizations, the pay is also relatively high compared to other casino consultants.

Highest Paying Casino Jobs #6: Internal Auditors

Being an auditor is not child’s play. It requires accuracy and honesty, and bearing great responsibility. A casino is a place where there is a high risk of fraud and theft due to the enormous amounts of money involved.

Because of this, an internal auditor at a casino needs to be a whole lot more careful. His job is to take reports from the casino manager and cross-check them with in-game data to thoroughly check for fraud. They get about 60,000 – 70,000 euros annually.

Highest Paying Casino Jobs #7: Security Manager

A security manager oversees the security staff and ensures the safety of casino guests and employees, as well as the protection of casino property. This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in business or criminal law.

Additionally, one needs security experience, which can be gained either by working for a private security company or by working in law enforcement agencies or the military. Depending on the country and state, you may also need to bring various certifications or permits. In return, you earn an average wage of 50,000 – 90,000 euros in this position.

Casino Jobs on the Area

While the majority of the highest paying casino jobs are those that work behind the scenes, of course the floor staff play an equally important role. Casinos work with a number of concierges, dealers, security guards, cashiers and many more. All these jobs allow the casino to serve customers successfully.

Table croupiers and dealers are the casino’s most prominent and public employees. They are all trained extensively to understand the complexities of the card games they perform. Often the dealer needs to maintain a certain ambiance, etiquette and decor at the table. They also perform these tasks for online live casinos. Their salaries depend on the game they run, but it can be expected to be around €30,000.


That was our rundown of the highest paying casino jobs. If you’re not quite sure whether a career in the casino is right for you, then maybe it would be a good idea to play a round in a non GamStop casino first! You can also get some banknotes here…