It seems these days that we take it for granted that our lives are going to be stressful. Whether it be at work or at home the hectic nature of our lives breed all kinds of worries. It leads to problem sleeping and a feeling that we are losing control, when in truth with just a few changes to our schedule everything will be easy to control.

What we tend to forget is that we need times in our busy schedule to just relax, to let the world pass us by and to let our brains recharge a bit. If we don’t create this time, it is more than likely that our bodies will create it by reaching a point where it has had enough. With that in mind we’ve put a list together of ways we can recharge, and improve our mental health. It isn’t as hard as you may have thought:

Colouring Books


Have you noticed the sudden rise in the availability of colouring books for adults? Featuring more complicated pictures and basing them on interesting licensing to catch our attention, it seems that they are very popular at the moment. The reason for this is that it can be very relaxing to just get some coloured pens or pencils together sit down on a couch and just start colouring.

Not only do these colouring books hold our attention, but they also make some time pass and allow our brains to get a little relaxation. Taking our minds away from the negativity that may be getting us down another nice thing is the fact we don’t need to have the artistic ability of Picasso to be able to use colours on an already drawn picture.

Brain Games

It should be no surprise that we often see people doing crossword puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku. These puzzles that give our brains an exercise work in the same way as colouring books, but add a little mental stimulation to the package. They allow us to block out the world around us and concentrate on something that isn’t so negative for a while. Perfect to give our mental health some improvement.



Whether it be in a bingo hall or through an online bingo game, reports suggest that bingo can improve your health. There are plenty of apps out there from online casino sites that allow us to play these games, and the feeling of the win can lift us up when we are feeling down. Remember though if you use this as a stress relieving game, always gamble responsibly, we don’t want to cause any unwanted stress.

These options are a mix of non-technical and technical means to de-stress our lives and improve our mental health. There are also many ways that this can be done, such as massages and aromatherapy. The key to improving our mental health is to find things that help us relax and to give our brains a chance to cool down for a while.  Find what works best for you, and make time to do it and you’ll no doubt see your life start to be less stressful.