Chinese meals come in handy not only does one get to enjoy the meal, but they also get to read the funny, and sometimes wise fortune cookies found inside the Chinese food packages. One good thing about the fortune messages is the accuracy in them; some are just too accurate. You would believe the person who came up with them knows you. However, other fortune cookies are not as helpful or optimistic as one would expect.


There are a bunch of these fortune messages all over the internet, and it leaves one wondering the exact origin of these fortune cookies. There are a bunch of myths that try to explain their precise origin according to one legend; it is believed that the first fortune cookies were a creation of David Jung, a Chinese immigrant. He is also the founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Company found in Los Angeles. David’s fortune cookies came to be in 1918.

Another myth around the fortune cookie is that they were original creations of the Japanese rice cookie that grew into a fortune cookie in 1914. Makoto Hagiwara, the owner of the Japanese Tea Garden, found in San Francisco, but thank you notes inside his rice cookies to appreciate his customers. Makoto Hagiwara also made his cookie recipe delicious for his American customers. Soon after, it was found that the cookies that had notes tucked inside were found in Japan even before.


As stated earlier, there are messages in fortune cookies that do not pass over the intended message. Take, for example, Top Cultured companies that have tried to sell fortune cookies in China but have not succeeded because their concept is not embraced in the intended message. The messages in their fortune cookies are Logic is necessary. Do not gamble and then proceeds to give the lucky numbers to bet with; this message does not go well with the intended audience.


Eager to capture the stories behind fortune cookies are online casino games providers. One of the most popular games titles is called Mega Fortune and is based on all the glamour’s and sought after objects we would but if our fortune came true.


Top fortune cookie about marriage 


Do you know you can come up with a fortune cookie that helps you propose to your intended partner? Well, this concept came to pass through Matt Soniak, who gave the idea of offering marriage to your partner through the use of a fortune cookie. There are plenty of fortune cookie making companies who will customize this kind of message for you and deliver them to you through email, and then you can pay them. An example of a fortune cookie that depicts the marriage proposal is, “Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.” You can also ask these companies to customize fortune cookies for birthdays or weddings.


Fortune cookies that make you doubt your sanity 


Then other fortune cookie messages make you doubt yourself for a while, a fortune cookie message such as “Run” will for one make you question the meal that you just consumed. You might also look at it from your own life’s perspective; why are you supposed to run? Debts, friendships, family, and a bunch of other questions that make you doubt yourself. You might also wonder who wrote the fortune cookie message.


People who manufacture fortune cookies are keen to take note of the feedback they get from their clients. A company known as Wonton Food asked for reviews from customers, and the feedback they got was that customers needed more elaborate and predictive fortune messages. Bernard Chow from Wonton Food said that no matter their effort to fulfil these needs to their customers, they were written up by the New York Times a few years back. After this incident, the company made efforts to fix its fortune cookie tones. A customer received two fortune messages the same year from Wonton Food reading, “Time Heals all Wounds. Keep Your Chin Up.”, and “Seek out the Significance of your problem at this time. Try to Understand.”



The Vice President of Wonton Food Inc., known as Donald Lau, has written a bunch of fortune cookie messages. Some companies depend on writers who do not speak English, and their fortune cookie messages are nothing but hilarious. Take, for example, these fortune cookie messages; “What is contain it everything? Wisdom.” It might take you some time to understand this. Other fortune messages bring inspiration and make one create something that will be available in many years to come. A person such as Bob Bjarke got a cookie message that inspired him to create a website to honour it, the message read; “Maybe you can live in the moon in the next century.” People still use this cookie to receive inspiration for their dreams.


There are online creators of fortune cookies that will always be ready to customize a fortune cookie message for their clients. This creation works well for people who are not willing to buy Chinese meals in order to get to the cookie message. Other online creators will give you an opportunity of creating your fortune cookie message and even save it soon after. Creating your cookie message gives you an easy pass; for people with the ability to Photoshop images, they can do this by adding their message to any of the fortune cookie pictures and come up with a brilliant message.


“I wish I knew my future.” Cookie’s message is for entertainment. Fortune cookie messages are never too serious. Other fortune cookie messages are dark; for example, “Three can keep a secret if you get rid of two.” Some notes will make you shiver with fear; you are left wondering whether the cookie knows something you do not know, this message; “Enjoy yourself while you can.” This message will definitely give you goosebumps. Other notes from these cookies may look like direct threats; this fortune cookie message is, “You laugh now, till you get home.”, and this one too “death.”


Other fortune cookie messages will also let you know when you are exhausted for the day, a message such as this one from a cookie after a long day will do just fine,” As long as you don’t sign up for anything new you will do just fine.”