The capital city has some distinct advantages but getting around by road isn’t one of them. This means that simply turning up at your local tyre dealer doesn’t always yield the best results. However, buying tyres online in London and having them fitted for you once they’ve arrived in stock is a way that many Londoners now get the best out of their tyre purchases. This way, you can obtain deals, get the right sort of tyres and enjoy greater choice. In the meantime, what do tyre experts in the capital say about buying tyres online in London these days? Read on to find out more.

Research tyre types and specifications

Before purchasing tyres online in London or anywhere else, it is essential to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various tyre types and specifications available. Start by consulting your vehicle’s owner manual, which will provide information on the appropriate tyre size, speed rating and load capacity. In addition to this, consider the driving conditions you typically encounter and your driving style. Londoners may want to focus on tyres that offer excellent wet grip performance and low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency, given the city’s frequent rain and traffic congestion.

Compare prices and offers

One of the main advantages of buying tyres online in London is the ability to compare prices and offers from multiple dealers. Take the time to browse several websites and compare the costs of your chosen tyres. Keep an eye out for promotions, seasonal discounts or bundled offers that may provide further savings. Additionally, consider the shipping and fitting costs, as these can vary between online retailers. Some retailers may offer free shipping, while others might partner with local garages for convenient tyre fitting at a reasonable price. This is often better than having tyres delivered to your home, for example.

Verify the retailer’s reputation

When purchasing tyres online, it is crucial to choose a reputable retailer to guarantee a reliable and secure transaction. Research the company’s background, customer reviews and online presence to ensure they are a trustworthy and established business. Check for industry accreditations or certifications, such as membership in the National Tyre Distributors Association, for instance. Furthermore, Londoners should ensure the retailer’s website is secure, with appropriate encryption and data protection measures in place to safeguard your personal and financial information. For buying new tyres, you can also opt for a local tyre garage in the area but you should choose a fitter with good customer reviews on the website and a good reputation in the local area. You can buy tyres online in London and book them at DAT Tyres – they have been in the business for over 50 years.

Confirm tyre age and storage conditions

Tyres can deteriorate over time, even if they have never been used. It is essential to check the manufacturing date of the tyres before purchasing, as older tyres may have compromised performance and safety. Tyre age can be determined by the four-digit DOT code found on the tyre sidewall, which represents the week and year of manufacture. Aim to purchase tyres that are no more than two years old to ensure optimal performance. Remember that tyres should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment, away from direct sunlight.

Understand the return and warranty policies

Before finalising your tyre purchase, familiarise yourself with the retailer’s return and warranty policies. In case you receive incorrect or damaged tyres, it is important to know the procedure for returns, refunds or exchanges. Understanding the terms of the warranty, which typically covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues, is also a good idea. Confirm whether the warranty is offered by the manufacturer or the retailer and the specific conditions under which it applies. By being informed about your rights as a customer, you can ensure a smooth online tyre-buying experience and protect yourself from potential after sales problems.