There’s a new burrito in town, and we’re pretty darn excited about. We always associate the colder days with Pret – from hearty soups to their simply incredible porridge, Pret is always good news when the days get chillier and the nights get darker. Tomorrow they are launching a new Autumn menu, and About Time got a sneaky peek of what’s coming in store. Here’s what to expect:

Pret Autumn Menu: What

UK Burritos Cactus 530x750

This week, Pret will be welcoming back the season of hot and hearty comfort lunches with the launch of two new Mexican-inspired hot wraps. First created as an experiment by one of Pret’s US shop teams; Pret’s take on a burrito proved so popular that two flavours are now being made into a menu feature here in the UK. Joining the burritos will be two comforting new toasties and autumnal favourites; Pret’s Macaroni Cheese and Hot Quinoa Rice Pots.

Pret Autumn Menu: The Wraps

There’s brand new Burrito Hot Wraps. Both new burritos are served hot – including the avocado, which remains nice and chunky!

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Hot Wrap, £4.25

A wrap bursting with flavour, this burrito combines strips of free- range British chicken in a chipotle ketchup. The chicken is topped with cheddar, Pret’s burrito rice mix (black and red rice and toasted buckwheat), chunks of avocado, red pepper and a salsa of black beans, roasted red pepper and charred corn. Chipotle Chicken Burrito Hot Wrap, £4.25. 

Spicy Bean Burrito Hot Wrap, £4.25

A delicious veggie alternative, this hot wrap substitutes the chicken for a spicy mix of black, black-eyed and aduki beans, and includes the added crunch of crispy onions. Spicy Bean Burrito Hot Wrap, £4.25

Pret Autumn Menu: The Toasties

Updates to Pret’s toastie range this autumn will see two new flavours join existing favourites, Tuna Melt and Ham, Cheese & Mustard. The toasties are being made with a new-recipe bread which now includes some fresh sourdough, and are grilled to order at Pret’s counters.

Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie, £3.99

A fresh and colourful toastie, this grilled sandwich combines slices of ripe brie with chunks of fresh avocado (which stay chunky when toasted), roasted tomatoes and fresh basil. Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie, £3.99

Chipotle Chicken Toastie, £4.25

A flavour explosion, this toastie includes strips of free-range British chicken in a chipotle ketchup with greve cheese, red onion and spinach. Chipotle Chicken Toastie, £3.99.

Pret will also be trialling a Philly Cheese Steak Toastie (£4.25) in 10 London shops, with the aim of rolling it out in January if the trial is a success. The toastie combines slices rare roast beef with cheddar, mustard mayo and caramelised onions.

Pret Autumn Menu: Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese kale & Cauliflower-004

First launched last autumn, Pret’s two Macaroni Cheese boxes have become so popular they are now bought by around 50,000 customers a week! Made with tubetti rigati pasta, mature Cheddar béchamel sauce and topped with Italian matured cheese, the two variations are made in Pret’s shop kitchens and served straight from the oven.

Prosciutto Macaroni Cheese, £5.25

Kale and Cauli Macaroni Cheese, £4.95 Prosciutto Macaroni Cheese, £5.25

Pret Autumn Menu: The Rice Pots

Launched at the start of this year, Pret’s hearty Quinoa Rice Pots combine a base of mixed red rice, black Nanjing rice and quinoa with big, flavoursome toppings. The white quinoa in the pots is grown in Shropshire by the UK’s only commercial-scale quinoa farmer, the British Quinoa Co.

Sweet Potato & Cauli Curry Quinoa Rice Pot, £5.25

A delicate veggie curry made with Asian spices, coconut milk and tomato, poured over roasted sweet potato and spiced cauliflower, and served on the hot rice and quinoa base. The curry is topped with toasted almonds for added crunch. Once a vegetarian product, the pot is now also vegan-friendly. Sweet Potato & Cauli Curry Quinoa Rice Pot, £5.25.

Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Quinoa Rice Pot, £5.50

The star of the meaty pot is the British pork shoulder. After being slow cooked for hours until soft and tender the pork is hand shredded and covered in a sticky sauce made with ginger, fragrant 5 spice and Gochujang paste (a Korean spicy red chilli paste). The pork sits on top of the hot rice and quinoa base and is finished with sweet red pepper and soy sauce. Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Quinoa Rice Pot, £5.50.