No plans for Shrove Tuesday? We say, you should take down a stack of pancakes. Because let’s face it – one pancake is never enough. From all you can eat pancakes, to pancake challenges – here’s the best pancake events in London. Flipping amazing:

1. For Bottomless Pancakes: Mr Fogg’s Tavern 

The Lowdown: This year, Mr Fogg has gone all out to ensure all who visit the Tavern will be in for a flippin’’ good time. Everyone will be able to indulge in all you can eat pancakes for £15. Savoury options include maple syrup and roasted ham, and cheddar, bacon and watercress. Meanwhile, the sweet toothed fans can enjoy whipped cream and berries, whipped Nutella and strawberries, or the well loved British classic, lemon and sugar. Remember guys, it’s bottomless pancakes.

Where: 58 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4EA

2. For a Pancake Challenge: Polo Bar 

The Lowdown: Eat 10 pancakes in 10 minutes or less, if you win you’ll get your stack for free (worth £15), plus a free bottle of prosecco for the table (maximum of 4). If you lose you’ll have to pay full whack, and buy your own prosecco – it’s a hard life. Favourites include The New Yorker; cheesecake cream, strawberries, digestive crumbles and fruit coulis, and Cookies and Cream; Oreo, chocolate sauce and vanilla cream. For those wanting a little luxury, opt for Polo Bar’s Royal Pancakes; a tower of fluffiness with mixed fresh forest berries, vanilla cream and fruit coulis. Polo Bar’s competition is running  for one whole week (Tuesday 21st – Tuesday 28th February), all day and all night.

To take part simply email and reserve your spot.

Where: 176 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NQ

3. For Another Pancake Challenge: The Diner Strand 

The Lowdown: On Shrove Tuesday (28th February), The Diner Strand is going to be the host to the ultimate foodie feat – the #PancakeAndShake Challenge. Never been done before at The Diner, this year, they’re adding a twist to their pancake routine, an epic eating challenge for a good cause. That’s right hungry folks, eat your heart out. In six minutes, and without water, you have to demolish a stack of chocolate chip pancakes (three chocolate chip cakes served with The Diner’s maple syrup), and a chocolate malt shake. If you finish your pancake and shake, your meal is on The Diner. If you don’t, the cost is £13.05 – which The Diner are going to be donating 100% to Shelter (Homeless Young People).

Where: 397 Strand, London WC2R 0LX

4. For All the Pancakes: The Breakfast Club 

The Lowdown: Pull on your finest elasticated trousers because the annual Pancake Challenge is back. The rules are simple: eat a stack of 12 pancakes in 12 minutes or less. If you win, it’s on The Breakfast Club. If you lose, you’ll pay full price and they’ll donate all profits to charities local to their cafes. The menu features a savoury bourbon pulled-pork cubanos with cheese, kale and pickled slaw; triple chocolate, fudge and mallow; salted caramel banoffee; and lemon meringue pie. Pop into your nearest Breakfast Club to take part.

Where: Locations here 

5. For All the Pancakes: Canalside at Here East 

The Lowdown: If you’re kicking about East London on Pancake Day, head to Canalside for one hell of a pancake party. Canalside boasts an array of foodie destinations, all of whom have pulled out all the stops just in time for Pancake Day. Gotto, sister restaurant to Mele e Pere in Soho, have created a quinoa pancake with deep fried quail, pomegranate, maple syrup and horseradish especially for the occasion, and Randy’s Wing Bar are selling the new Casablanca’ – a Moroccan Baghrir pancake served with a roasted harissa honey wing, yoghurt and pomegranate. And Mason & Co will be serving ricotta pancakes with lemon mascarpone, maple syrup and blackberries. 

Where: Canalside, Here East Estate, Hackney Wick