Shopping basket looking a bit sad? We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 5 foodies products you need to buy this week. Get slinging them into your trolley, pronto:

1. For a New Truffle: Monty Bojangles 

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What: Monty Bojangles produce top notch chocolates, boiled sweets, tablet along with their Gold Taste award winning truffles. At Monty Bojangles they’re passionate about producing the best sweet treats around – they’ve just released their new Ruby Fruit Sunday truffles that are absolutely choc full of love.

The Lowdown:  Light and zesty with rich red berry sweetness, crumbly biscuit and generously dusted with exquisite bittersweet cocoa, Ruby Fruit Sunday are a delightful addition to the Monty Bojangles collection of award-winning truffles. Other flavour in the range include; crunchy hazelnut, zesty orange and crumbly cookie.

Where: Tesco

2. For a Chocolate Spread: JimJams

JimJams Choc Hazelnut Spread lifestyle - MEDIA

What: JimJams are a range of reduced sugar jams and spreads. Their yummy chocolate spreads, which contain 83% less sugar, are available in two flavours – Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate, and are great slathered on toast, pancakes and brioche.

The Lowdown: As well as reduced sugar, JimJams chocolate spreads are also gluten free, diabetic friendly and kinder to teeth. They also produce a range of reduced sugar jams, which contain 33% less than other leading brands, and have a high fruit content. The jam family consists of Raspberry, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry and Great Taste 2015 winner – Blackcurrant.

Where: Stockists here 

3. For Crisps: Hectares


What: Founder Kevin Harvie wanted to create a crisp that added flavour to people’s lives while using the best natural ingredients – thus Hectares was born. The crisps are made from sweet potatoes which are grown and hand-picked in North Carolina, USA.

The Lowdown: The team at Hectares decided to source their sweet potatoes from North Carolina because they believe they contain the perfect balance of sweetness and provide a consistent, high quality supply. The crisps are gluten-free, hand cooked in hi-oleric sunflower oil, and are naturally high in fibre. The chorizo with sun dried tomato flavour is a smashing afternoon snack.

Where: Tesco, Whole Foods and Brewdog

4. For a Coffee Set: Cru Kafe 


What: Created by three coffee enthusiast friends in 2013, CRU Kafe is an exciting new brand, challenging the ethics and sustainability of coffee giants like Nespresso by using only the best high altitude, organic and fair-trade coffee, resulting in a blend unlike any other.

The Lowdown: CRU Kafe have partnered with Lavolio, a London Confectioner who specialise in creating handmade, boutique sweets to bring you the perfect drink. Specially developed alongside the CRU Kafe Intense blend, the cocoa powder help creates a  grounding for the mocha, whilst the marshmallows, encased in Belgian milk chocolate, bring a sweetness that sets off the entire cup.

Where: Order here 

5. For Tea: T2


What: T2 has over 70 stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Stocking a wide variety of premium, fragrant and herbal teas – T2 know a thing or two about the humble tea leaf. Their chai range is an absolute cracker.

The Lowdown: Teas in the chai range include; Mumbai Maple – this tea boasts a velvety smooth taste and lingering maple flavours. There’s also the Kashmiri King for those into a exotic blend of tea featuring cinnamon, cloves, ginger, almonds, orange peel, cardamon, pistachios and a blend of vanilla, or the Raving Rajah for a sweet, nutty tea.

Where: Stores here