For Tasty Tuesdays this week it’s all about the canned cocktails because who doesn’t love a tipple in a tin? From Latin American-inspired caipirinhas to the UK’s first-ever nitrogen-infused cocktail range on the high street, we’ve discovered 5 new delicious ready-to-go cocktails you simply have to try: 

1. For a Gin That’s Been To Space: Boutique-y Gin Company Craft Cocktails

What: Masters of craft gin cocktails, The Boutique-y Gin Company have canned five of their favourite gin pairings for you to try this summer. 

The Lowdown: Innovative and known for pushing the boundaries with their eclectic range of craft gin cocktails, The Boutique-y Gin Company have five brand new flavours to get your hands on this summer. Beautifully packaged in vibrant craft beer style 330ml cans, these cocktails are perfect added to picnic hampers, drunk on the go or served cold from the fridge. Choose from a range of five exciting flavours including their classic Gin and Tonic that contain botanicals that have been sent to space. Seriously! Other flavours include a zesty Pineapple Gin Mule with ginger beer and a dash of lime juice; a Strawberry Gin Fizz with a unique Strawberry & Balsamico Gin; a delightfully refreshing Yuzu Gin Collins and for cherry coke fans a Cherry Gin Cola. 

Price: £2.75 per can

Stockists: Available from Master of Malt and 

2. For the Perfect Gin and Tonic: Franklin & Sons Partnership 

What: Franklin & Sons have partnered with Caorunn Gin, Portobello Road Gin and Manchester Gin to create three new pre-mixed cans of delicious gin and tonics.  

The Lowdown: Known for their fine quality soft drinks and mixers that perfect any cocktail, Franklin & Sons have paired their Natural Indian Tonic Water with Caorunn Gin and Portobello Road Gin to create a classic gin and tonic in a can. To add a little fruitiness to their infusions, they’ve also paired their Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water with Manchester Gin’s Raspberry Infused Gin for a refreshing summer drink. Chic and sophisticated these three concoctions are a real celebration of British gin and are simply not to be missed. 

Price: £2 (£3 at Ginkiosk) 

Stockists: Tesco and Ginkiosk 

3. For Latin American-Inspired Cocktails: Las Iguanas Premium Cocktails 

What: Celebrate the flavours of Latin America with Las Iguanas’ newly launched premium cocktails in a can. 

The Lowdown: Deliciously fruity, these new Las Iguanas cocktails have three flavours to choose from. The Caipirinha is a premium blend of Las Iguanas Magnifica Cachaça and lime, the Strawberry Daiquiri is a classic strawberry and rum and the Mango Collins is a blend of vodka, mango and orange. Each Las Iguanas cocktail is packed with flavour and perfect for a picnic in the sun. If that wasn’t enough, the cans themselves are 100% recyclable so you can sip them and be environmentally friendly while you’re at it. Buy online on the Las Iguanas website in bundles of three or six, add them to a delivery from the restaurant and it’s partners or simply pick a few up when you dine out at the restaurant.  

Price: £5.95 or get them online with a bundle of three (£15) or six (£25) premium cocktails.

Stockists: Available via the Las Iguanas website or to take away at the restaurant. 

4. For Nitrogen-Infused Cocktails: Funkin Nitro Cocktails

What: The UK’s first range of nitrogen-infused cocktails in a can have hit our shelves and each one promises a multisensory experience to enjoy. 

The Lowdown: Funkin’s new cocktail range comes four flavours; Espresso Martini, Passion fruit Martini, Amaretto Sour and a Pink Gin Fizz. Each can provides the vibrant flavour and velvety-smooth texture of bar quality cocktail in a stylish and convenient ready-to-drink way. To add a little magic to your can, you’re greeted with an attention-grabbing ‘whoosh’ sound upon opening it as the micro-bubbles of nitrogen are released. 

Price: £2 each at Sainsbury’s or £7 for a multipack of 4 at Asda

Stockists: Sainsbury’s and Asda

5. For the Perfect Can of Bubbly: I heart wines Frizzante 


What: I heart wines is expanding their range of great-tasting wines with their handy little sparkling tipples in a can. Their new arrivals i heart Frizzante and i heart Rosé Frizzante come in 20cl cans so you can enjoy them on the go.  

The Lowdown: i heart wines believe that wines should be made to enjoy whatever the occasion which is why their cans of bubbly are perfectly made to accompany your summer BBQ or an evening with friends. I heart Rosé Frizzante (also known as the pink one) looks classy and doesn’t scrimp on flavour. Packed with fragrant hints of strawberry and cherry, it’s definitely one for the fruit lovers. The classic i heart Frizzante is a light sparkling Italian white wine with hints of peach and apple. This delicate blend was made for cosying up in front of a bonfire with friends. 

Price: £2 per can

Stockists: Sainsbury’s and B&M