Following our comprehensive guide to food delivery service during lockdown (never has there been a better time for a delivery of fresh pasta), we felt it was only right to leave no stone unturned when it came to drink delivery ideas.

With the UK currently basking in the spring time glow, and the desire for a iced cold pint in a beer garden never been stronger, we took it upon ourselves to discover some of the best boozy delivery service that just about recreates a bar in your living.

One day, we’ll be back in the cosy confines of our beloved local boozer, eating scampi fries, and putting the world to rights over our favourite tipple. But for now, we’re going to have to make do and mend. Here’s where to get you alcohol kicks in lockdown:

1. For a Rum Kit: The Duppy Share

What: Home Rum (£20)

The 411: While we’re all confined to their homes, and pub openings a lot way off, The Duppy Share is spreading the rum love with their all-new self-isolation kits. The Home Rum kit features The Duppy Share Aged (20cl), Fever Tree Ginger Beer (2x 200ml) and two The Duppy Share gold cups – a film’s worth of rum and ginger for two. Throw in some ice and enjoy your Dark and Stormy a la sofa.

Hot Tip: In an effort to support the hospitality industry, The Duppy Share are donating all profits from sales of the kit to Hospitality Action – a charity dedicated to supporting the industry during times of crisis.

Buy: Grab a kit here

2. For Vino: Wanderlust Wine

What: Bottles of wine (Prices start from £10)

The 411: Wine deliveries are now ten a penny, but a company who are nailing the vino-to-your-doorstep is Wanderlust Wines. Whether you’re looking for a new tipple to sip during your next Zoom call or fancy trying something different for a upcoming quarantine date night meal, Wanderlust Wines boasts an impressive selection of organic, organically farmed and biodynamic wines from lesser known producers. We highly recommend the Jeremy Recchione Aligote Pet Nat – a natural wine that is far too drinkable. Not complaining, mind.

Hot Tip: If you’re up for learning more about your wine selection, you can sign up for their monthly wine club which includes discounted wines, tasting notes and discovery boxes.

Buy: Grab bottles here 

3. For Cocktails: NIO 

What: Mini Box of 3 (£19.50)

The 411: If your attempt at cocktail making in lockdown has been pretty lacklustre thus far, NIO has just the answer – and all you need is glassware and ice. NIO’s expertly crafted ready-to-savour cocktails features the same quality ingredients and the same expertise, but the only difference – Needs Ice Only – no other specialist knowledge, ingredients or bar implements.

Hot Tip: Cocktails are in abundance and NIO create everything from a Gin Sour to Tommy’s Margarita, and the classic Negroni.

Buy: Grab cocktails here 

4. For Sparkling Wine: Oastbrook 

What: Oastbrook Pinot Gris Primavera package (£37.90)

The 411: Cross Sparkling wine with Italian ingredients and you end up with Oastbrook’s new recipes boxes. Together with Shoreditch Wine House, Oastbrook is offering two special wine and food pairing recipe boxes featuring high-grade produce and bottles of bubbly – enough for a slap-up meal for 2. The Oastbrook Pinot Gris Primavera package features the 2018 summery and elegant still white wine with burrata, cherry tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar (with olive oil and black pepper added from home cupboard staples).

Hot Tip: While Oastbrook cannot welcome visitors for tours and tastings, their online shop remains open, where you can browse, discover, and then purchase award-winning sparkling and still quality English wines.

Buy: Grab a box here

5. For Canned Cocktails: East London Liquor Co

What: Variety Pack (£20)

The 411: Uninspired with the booze selection at your local Co-op?  East London Liquor Co. brings the bar to you with their online shop boasting a range of spirits, including several drinks collaborations, along with canned cocktails and their famous bottles of gin and vodka. If you’re a sucker for choice, try the variety pack – a mix of Grapefruit Gin and Tonic, Low ABV Gin and Tonic, Rhubarb and Vodka and Rum and Ginger canned cocktails.

Hot Tip: For those who want to treat themselves to an extra special treat, Changeling, a limited-edition botanical bitter is also available via the online shop. Encompassing a digestif, bitter and liqueur, the concoction is made with barrel-aged gin, fennel seed, bay leaf, lavender flower, grapefruit peel, angelica root, peated moonshine, rhubarb and cardamom jam, blackberry and bay leaf jam.

Buy: Buy a pack here

Delivery Services: Beer

6. For Draught Beer: Beerwulf 

What: The SUB Classic White (£129)

The 411: If there’s one thing we’re missing more than anything else, it’s a perfectly poured pint. Eight weeks into lockdown and bottles and cans just aren’t cutting it anymore. Luckily, this is where The SUB is a lifesaver. Easy to set up, and with a gloriously wide range of beers/ciders to choose from (we went with Moretti and Strongbow Dark Fruits), the aesthetically pleasing machine just plugs in, chills the beer overnight (or faster if you popped the kegs in the fridge already), then pours the perfect pint.

Hot Tip:Each keg pours about 4 to 5 pints, so it does require some planning, but at a reasonable price point: it’s a lockdown game changer.

Buy: Purchase a SUB here

7. For Discounted Beer: Fourpure

What: Explorer Pack (£23)

The 411: A Bermondsey staple, we couldn’t tell you how much we’re missing popping to a tap room (or five) on a weekend. Luckily, Fourpure are here to make things a bit easier with delivery of their stunning beers nationwide (with a cheeky 20% discount too). Try the selection of Fourpure favourites – from the crisp, refreshing Basecamp Lager through to the delightfully citrusy Easy Peeler Session IPA via the dangerously drinkable Hemisphere Session IPA.

Hot Tip: Each beer is light on the palette, so a perfect entry point for those who are unsure on craft beer or just looking for something different to a can of red stripe from the offie.

Buy: Get beers here 

8. For a Pub Party: Signature Brew

What: Pub in a Box (£25)

The 411: One of the first companies to revolutionise for lockdown life, Signature Brew are leading the pack when it comes to home boozing. The Pub In A Box is a work of true genius, and is one of the products that has made us feel closest to normality. In the reasonably priced £25 box you get a selection of their wonderful beers (the roadie was our personal fav), a Signature Brew glass, a music quiz, beer mat, snacks and a Spotify playlist – essentially everything you get in a pub apart from a surly barman. Another amazing element to this is the fact boxes in London are delivered by musicians who are losing money from lost tours this summer.

Hot Tip: Use the questions in your next zoom quiz and pass them off as your own.

Buy: Get a box here 

9. For Tropical Beers: Beavertown Brewery 

What: Case of 24 Tropical Beers (£50)

The 411: Beavertown Brewery are continuing to flog their hoppy wares online during the lockdown period. For more beers for your British buck, the case of 50 tropical beers (Staycation Unity Pale Ale, Neck Oil Session IPA, Gamma Ray American Pale Ale and Nanobot Super Session IPA) will no doubt see you through the warmer days in isolation. Mark our words, it’s worth splashing the cash on.

Hot Tip: Beavertown have added another beer to their core range. Grab an iced cold Nanobot – a new low alcohol ‘Super Session’ IPA. A 2.8% pint-sized powerhouse brewed with Sabro and Simcoe hops, packing it with punchy citrus and juicy tropical top notes.

Buy: Grab here 

10. For Larger: Northern Monk 

What: 6 Pack Great Northern Larger  (£16)

The 411: Leeds-based craft brewery, Northern Monk, are big on big juicy IPAs and impy stouts, however,  sometimes what you want is simplicity. You can’t go wrong with a couple of cans of their Great Northern Larger, best drank in a park with pals (socially distanced, of course). This decent, crisp larger is highly sessionable and just want you need for an afternoon in the sunshine.

Hot Tip: Be sure to check our their snappy line of merch. Chopsticks? Mugs? T-shirts? Take our money.

Buy: Grab a pack here