Like what you see? About Time is now the proud home of a full-service creative agency service, offering recipe production, social media management, journalism and PR masterclasses, university workshops, event hosting, content creation and brand strategy. If you’re interested in any of our creative services, get in touch with Here’s a little more on what offer as a creative agency:

Bespoke Recipe Creation

Love a good snap of food? You’re not alone. We’re proud to boast our own recipe production team, who can create incredible recipes and photographs for your product or brand. We’re worked with brands such as Burts ChipsNākd Wholefoods, BeLoved and Häagen-Dazs on recipe content, and we love bringing beautiful brands to life through bespoke recipes. Get in touch to see how we can create stunning recipes for your website, social media or blog. We can offer:

  • – Recipe Production
  • – Recipe Photography
  • – Recipe Videography

Masterclasses, Workshops & Events

About Time has hosted a huge variety of highly successful workshops, masterclasses and events since the site’s launch in 2014. From PR masterclasses, to journalism workshops, and special blogging, social media and editorial focused events, we’re pros when it comes to putting on brilliant, engaging events for readers and brands alike. Our in-house creative agency can design the perfect tailor-made event for you, whether that’s one-on-one consultancy, corporate training days or how-to masterclasses for your PR agency. To discover more about our branded events, see here. If you’re interested in the team’s expertise, here’s a selection of masterclasses and events we can curate especially for you:

  • – PR-Focused Workshops, Seminars and Talks
  • – PR for Small Businesses Workshops
  • – Journalism Masterclasses for Universities
  • – Blogging Masterclasses for Brands, Companies or Individuals
  • – Event Hosting i.e. Chairing Panel Talks
  • – Event Collaborations


Wanna get your business off the ground but not sure how to start getting press? Fancy honing in your PR strategy? Looking to learn more about social media management and growth? Those are just a few of the things the About Time in-house creative team can help with – on a special one-on-one bespoke consultancy package for you. We now offer the following consultancy work:

  • – PR for Small Businesses
  • – PR for Start-Ups
  • – Social Media Consultancy
  • – Editorial Consultancy
  • – Blogging Consultancy
  • – Influencer Marketing
  • – Editorial Campaigns

Social Media

We like to think we’re pretty hot on social. With a combined social following of over 100,000 social followers across platforms, we know how to get your brand speaking online, to the right people. As a creative agency, we offer a range of social media services, including one-on-one social media consultancy, company training days, social media masterclasses for brands and even bespoke social takeovers. If you’re looking for something more, we also offer social media management for sassy brands. In a nutshell, we offer:

  • – Social Media Consultancy
  • – Social Media Management
  • – Social Media Takeovers
  • – Social Media Corporate Training
  • – Social Media Workshops

Content Creation

If you haven’t noticed, we love words. We can’t get enough of them. We spend our days and weeks writing, editing and dreaming up the best content possible. With over 15,000 articles published on About Time, with a global audience of over 90,000 users in 163 countries worldwide, we know a thing or two about creating great, shareable content, that speaks to your audience. With a huge team of freelance writers, journalists and photographers, we’ll create fantastic content for you. Get in touch to discover how we can create amazing content for your brand, including copywriting, brand storytelling, company blogging, marketing materials and press releases: In short, we can offer:

  • – Digital Content Creation
  • – Branded Editorial
  • – Marketing Copy
  • – Guest Blog Posting
  • – Journalism Workshops

Video Production

Like to speak through the medium of film? Here at About Time, we have our own in-house videographers, who can create stunning videos for your brand, website or campaign. Whether it’s short and snappy promo videos, in-depth product films or social media clips, we’re happy to work around your vision for the ultimate multi-media production to accompany your brand. We can offer:

  • – Food Videography
  • – Branded Videography
  • – Social Media Videos
  • – Event Filming
  • – Promotional Videos