Alicia Grimshaw

Alicia is Deputy Editor at About Time Magazine. A Northerner with a passion for food and wearing all-in-one floral prints, she can largely be found covering everything in hot sauce and proclaiming how “London” everything is. Follow her on twitter @alicia_grimshaw for photos of what concept she’s being forced to try next.

Cass Horowitz

Cass is Culture Editor at About Time.

Chez Specter

Francesca is Think Editor at About Time. A London-based freelance journalist and blogger, she counts her MacBook among her best friends. When she’s not gushing over Boston Terriers or sipping cucumber G&Ts, Francesca researches health, relationships and gender features. Currently studying for a Journalism MA at City University, she has written for Cosmopolitan and InStyle magazines. For daily eulogies about breakfast, follow her on Twitter @ChezSpecter

Claudine Levy

Claudine is Food Editor at About Time. Her love of good food started when she developed an olive brine addiction at the tender age of 7. She is proudly rehabilitated now, getting her highs from food writing and over-seasoning instead. Graduating with a First in English Literature from Bristol University, Claude’s passionate about language and eating. She will try anything, just dare her.


Elana Wall

Elana is Gluten Free Editor at About Time. Elana was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2001, and has many beloved gluten free family and friends in her life. She is often hungry and occasionally hangry. Elana has tasked herself with an unofficial (but very important) mission to seek out (and eat) as much gluten free food as she can. Her interests include cooking, baking, travelling and people watching. She usually spends her weekends being busy. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram – @elanawall for a lot of stuff about food and puppies.

Gemma Clapp

Gemma is Books Editor at About Time. A social media editor at a top creative agency and a freelance journalist, when she’s not working away behind her MacBook you’ll find her with her head buried in the next bestseller, matcha latte in hand. She’s of the strong opinion that no book series will ever be as good as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Follow her on Twitter @gemclapp

Gemma Perlin

Gemma is Health Editor at About Time. Her knowledge of celebrity culture is as deep her love for coconut yogurt and chia seeds. Covering all things spa, health and flaxseed related for About Time. She spends her days working as a TV researcher, while eating sweet potato brownies, of course.

Georgia Devon-Spick

Former Fashion and Fitness Editor, Georgia now works at a record label. Having moved to London to study at UCL, Georgia fell in love with London’s vibrant diversity and food scene. Since completing her first marathon last year, Georgia’s passionate about fitness. As a freelance writer she has reported on various of topics from the death penalty in Singapore to LFW. Guilty of bad punning and over-filtering sunsets, you can follow her on Instagram and twitter @georgiamayds

Angelica Malin

Angelica is Editor-in-Chief at About Time Mag and Editor-at-Large AFT Mag. A 24-year old entrepreneur with a serious passion for nut butters and discovering the London foodie scene. Business, brunch, belief that time is how you spend your love. Follow her on Twitter @jellymalin.

Kate Rooney

Kate is Beauty Editor at About Time. She has an unhealthy obsession with highlighters (the beauty variety), baby catci and lavish marble bathrooms. Ex fashion PR girl and veteran intern at the likes of Stella McCartney, Selfridges and Vogue, you can now find her at her own desk surrounded with Diptqyue candles and a mountain of beauty products. She’s always “that person” Instagram-ing brunch or (and) the Byredo fragrances in Liberty. Go see @TheGlowEdit.

Leah Harper

Leah is Theatre Editor at About Time. She has had work published in both the Observer and Guardian newspapers, as well as a number of online platforms. She enjoys good food, bad TV and, when she’s not at the theatre, she can usually be found listening to Fleetwood Mac, drinking coffee and eating eggs royale.

Loriley Sessions

Loriley is the Recipe Editor at About Time. After discovering she had a gluten intolerance at the start of 2014, she used food blogging as a way of discovering alternative recipes for her doughy favourites. Shortly after, she set up the #fdbloggers Twitter account, hashtag and Twitter chat, to help food bloggers spread the word of their work. By day she works in social media and can be found annoying others with her constant need to photograph food before it’s eaten. You can find her on Twitter: @lorileysesh & @fdbloggers

Matilda Long

Matilda is Assistant Food Editor at About Time. Her favourite things to eat are tapas and pintxos, mainly because she’s indecisive and always wants to try a bit of everything. She’s also a firm believer that a meal is incomplete without pudding, that food tastes better when in miniature, and that Tabasco sauce goes with everything.

Megan Weal

Megan is Think Editor at About Time. A freelance journalist who spends far too long typing on a laptop and getting distracted by online shopping, to her, food is the tastiest kind of art imaginable and she’s also one of those awful people who prefers the treadmill to an outside run.

Natasha Culzac

Natasha is Travel Editor at About Time. A London-based freelance journalist, she has written for Condé Nast Traveller, the Daily Mail and the Independent. She has a serious case of wanderlust and spends many hours dreaming of Cuba, Cornwall and beaches.

Rishma Dosani

Rishma is a Weekend Editor at About Time. A Londoner born and bred, she is a lover of all things social and is constantly refreshing Instagram. She can normally be found running around the city with a drink in her hand, a smile on her face and friends by her side. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram at @Rishma_Dosani

Rosie Crossman

Rosie is Bar Editor at About Time. Rosie is always on the lookout for booze trends and food and drink matches. A lover of peas, chocolate and a good G&T, she spends her spare time trawling charity shops and art galleries. @RosieCrossman

Stefano Hatfield

Stefano is Editor-at-Large at About Time. Stefano is currently the Editor-in-Chief of High50, the 50+ lifestyle brand, and former Editorial Director of London Live, Editor of i, thelondonpaper, Metro USA and Campaign.

Suzi Lilianna

Suzi Malin is Art Editor at About Time. World-known portrait painter, with nine works hanging at the National Portrait Gallery, including an iconic one of Elton John, she loves nothing more than painting, discovering new artists and wandering the Southbank on weekends.

Toby Leston

Toby is Music Editor at About Time. His terrible taste in checked shirts is only saved by his great taste in music. By day, he is a PR on the entertainment team at Taylor Herring, and he is always thinking about what his WWE entrance music would be

Tom Stevenson

Tom writes about bars, restaurants, men’s clothing and social commentary. If there is one thing Tom knows, it’s the perfect Old Fashioned. He is a qualified cocktail bartender with a diploma from the European Bartender School and a freelance mixologist.